It’s been too long. It feels like years since I’ve put some words online. I’ve missed it!

I’ve been busy selling the latest and greatest technological innovations from Hyundai at 1066 Nairn Ave. (first & only shameless plug, I promise).

But hockey season is almost upon us and I’ve got the itch to talk about it. So let’s get right into it, shall we? Let’s focus on the off-season moves made by Kevin Chevaldayoff.

Out: Thorburn, Peluso, Burmistrov, Pavelec, Stuart, Postma.

In: Mason, Kulikov, Hendricks, Sgarbossa.

Horray! No more dead weight! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the services of Thorbs, Stuuuuu, and heck even Pavs (at times) but losing these three is the epitome of addition through subtraction. At least on paper, we are easily the best we’ve looked since relocation.

The new guys

Mason: He has the 4th best save percentage at 5v5 over the last 5 seasons behind Carey Price, Braden Holtby, Pekka Rinne & Corey Crawford. This gives me tremendous hope. There’s really no reason why he can’t be the stabalizing, consistent goaltender this team has desperately needed the past 2 seasons. We all know this team can score goals. If it can prevent about 20 or so less, well, they’re going back to the dance. Mason should be the guy to get them there and his 2-year deal allows Hellebuyck to take a step back, breathe, and develop into the all-star goalie he’s supposed to be.

Kulikov: Chevy is banking on Kulikov to return to form à la his Florida Panthers days. I hope he’s right for that kind of money. Either way, he’s a massive upgrade over Stuart and it gives us 3 legitimate pairs on defence. The guy throws his weight around and Winnipeggers will eat that shit up.

Hendricks & Scarbossa: Simply there to push competition on the 4th line. Ideally they’re the Jets’ first call ups from the Moose if some of their other players (i.e. drafted & developped) struggle. Like Tanev, Copp, Lemieux, Dano, Connor, Roslovic, etc. I’m personally not a huge fan of these signings but In Chevy We Trust, right?


As I stated above, there is no doubt we are a better team going into this season than we were last year, or any for that matter. Chevy cut the fat, filled the holes and essentially did his job to ice a competitive team. Now it’s on his new recruits and his returning squad to prove him right. Otherwise, this could be the last season with Kevin Chevaldayoff as the GM of the Winnipeg Jets.

Come back next week when I analyze the Jets’ picks from the 2017 Draft Class.

Till then, keep your stick on the ice and Go Jets Go!